Motive Digital | Case Study – LogisticsOS – 2022

Case Study: LogisticsOS

Performance Driven By Enriched Data

Providing access to enriched, shared live data versus third-party data with dead leads.

Pre-Motive Metrics

Strategy + Roadmap

As is the case with many early-stage start-ups, the founders of LogisticsOS, a Y-Combinator company, were not equipped with sales or marketing experience. They also didn’t have a sales team or marketing assets. They had an ICP in mind, but were unsure of fit. By working with Motive, we determined the correct ICP, sourced and enriched the correct leads, and created sales and marketing assets.

Motive’s Impact

Data & Lead Quality before Motive

Data & Lead Quality with Motive

Sales Velocity


Sales Velocity before Motive


Sales Velocity with Motive

Motive increased LogisticsOS sales velocity metric by:

  1. Increasing the number of quality leads.
  2. Increasing their conversion rate.
  3. Decreasing the length of their sales cycle.


By partnering with Motive, LogisticsOS booked ten demo sets within the first two months and converted their biggest value client.

Motive helped us generate leads, implement sales strategies, hire the sales team – basically everything that we needed to build our own sales process. We have already benefited from a successful LinkedIn outreach campaign and received positive email responses. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customer meetings / demos scheduled.

Tiangang Song

CEO of LogisticsOS

Let’s Help You Grow

Lisa Lemon

Head of Growth and Account Management