Motive Digital | Case Study – Source – 2022

Case Study: Source

Performance Driven By Enriched Data

Providing access to enriched, shared live data versus third-party data with dead leads.

Pre-Motive Metrics

Strategy + Roadmap

When we partnered with Source, we noted they had a limited sales process in place. We worked with them to reshape their strategy during the pandemic.

We identified new target cohorts and revamped their sales process.

Motive’s Impact

Quality of Leads before Motive

Quality of Leads with Motive

Sale Cycle Length


By implementing Motive’s enriched leads, Source saw a 50% increase in sales velocity within three months.

One of my biggest pain-points was scaling my business. With Motive, we were able to create a repeatable and scalable sales process. We now train other salespeople, and not only did Motive help us with sales, but they also helped us with our internal process, which we needed.

Nicole Schmidt

Founder of Source

Let’s Help You Grow

Lisa Lemon

Head of Growth and Account Management